Dustin Riherd

It’s with a very heavy heart that I say farewell to my friend, Dustin Riherd, who passed away unexpectedly last night.

First of all, I want to express Dixie’s and my deepest condolences to his wife Debi and her family as well as the Riherds.  You are all in our prayers.

I met Dustin through his sister, Nicole, when I was living in Houston about nine years ago.  Dustin and I immediately clicked.  Our interests, our senses of humor, and our love of music was so similar, it was like I was meeting someone I already knew.  I soon learned that’s how Dustin was with everyone.  His knowledge was so broad, his perspective on daily topics so unique, and his love of life and friends was so pure that everyone he came in contact with hung on to every word he said.  His stories and the words he used were like an artist’s paintbrush.  Our minds and thoughts were his blank canvas, and he never let us down.  He always created a masterpiece, whether it was a story about a day at work, or a trip to the store with his wife.  It was always a treat chatting with Dustin and discussing the day to day oddities we’ve gone through.  He was a character, and everyone seemed to be drawn to him.  You always knew when he was in the room, and the room was better for it.

Around the time I met Dustin, he was finishing law school, which a few of my friends were attending as well.  One night I was out with some of my friends and Dustin, Debi, and Nicole met up with us.  I went over and talked with Dustin for a few minutes and told them to sit with us.  As I was walking back to our table, my friend, Ross, who was in the same law school as Dustin inquisitively asked me, “You know Dustin?”, as if to ask do you think I could talk to him?  Of course, minutes later, Ross and Dustin were chatting and laughing it up over a pint.

After I moved to Dallas, I’d only see Dustin on trips back to Houston, or random Facebook chatting.  Every time I did, it was like we left off right where we were the last time I saw him.  Debi and he always made it out to our annual family crawfish boil in the spring.  Dustin always took time to talk with my grandmother, who like most people, had a particular fondness for him.

I’ve posted a few pictures I have of Dustin, and I think you’ll see a little glimpse of his personality in these shots.   The first is from a St. Patrick’s Day crawfish boil a few years ago with his wife Debi, who I know was his world.  Debi was in another stratosphere to him.  He would tell me over and over that there were not words to describe the amount of love and honor he held for her.

The second picture is from our friend Brandon’s wedding.  Which includes his sister, Nicole.

The last picture was from a traditional Christmas night meet up that we have with my Houston buddies.

I know he was a GREAT friend, brother, husband, and son.  God took you way too early, my friend.  I’m honored to have known you, Dustin, and we’re all going to miss you so much!

Friday, October 1st, 2010 cnotes

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